Bhargav Babu


'Dare to fail in the pursuit of greatness, for even the smallest steps can lead to extraordinary destinations.'

Bhargav Babu

My Backstory

Where were you born?

I grew up in Essen, the industrial heart of Germany, where people are known for being hard workers, straight shooters, down to earth, and easy to grab a beer with. My parents taught me the value of dreaming big and working hard. My mother founded a successful biomedical startup in the 1990s, growing it for 15 years before selling to a large firm. She taught me about perseverance, breaking through barriers, and doing simple things better than overconfident incumbents. My father started as a car mechanic before founding his own dealership in the 1970s. He saw success come and go with industry changes, but his amazing relationship skills allowed him to relate to anyone.

Starting at age 8, my parents had me help out on a small farm, which helped me appreciate physical labor. In my teens, I worked admin roles at my mom's startup, learning efficiency and attention to detail. At 16, I took a monotonous job besides high school at a bank’s account statement printing department that taught me patience - which is valuable as an early-stage investor. I studied energy management and finance, doing my undergrad in Germany before a Master's at Purdue and Tsinghua.

After university, I started in corporate finance and M&A, focusing on renewable energy deals. I then joined a large utility amid industry transformation during and after Fukushima. My role changed to business development in batteries, grid storage, and distributed energy. I also supported early tech investments at the intersection of energy and power retail tech. Later, I helped a global engineering firm leverage its vast hardware expertise to partner with early-stage hard tech founders - right before embarking on my own journey as a founder (unsuccessfully).

Where were you born, where were you raised?

I was born in Andhra Pradesh, India. However, I was raised in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

What is the area you are from famous for?

The city where I am from is famous for startups, it is dubbed by many as Silicon Valley of India. It is also famous for great weather.  Due to the large VC community, a lot of well-known companies have started in Bengaluru.

What did you study, and where?

I studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at the National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru in India.

Summarize your work after university and before Foundamental.

Five days after finishing my university exams, I joined Accenture, a professional services company. Although I graduated as an Electronics Engineer, I discovered a passion for developing software products. During my five years at Accenture, I gained expertise in technologies such as SQL, web frameworks, and DevOps.

After the pandemic hit, I decided to move to Germany and joined the Fraunhofer Institute in Karlsruhe. There, I expanded my skill set by learning VueJS, Docker, and other cutting-edge technologies, pushing my personal boundaries and enhancing my professional growth.

What is your story of getting into Foundamental?

The story begins even before I applied to Foundamental. While attending a tech conference in Berlin, I fell in love with the city as it reminded me of my hometown. Determined to move to Berlin, I stumbled upon a job post from Foundamental. Intrigued by the mention of 'Loura' but unable to find any information online, I decided to apply to learn more.

I was selected for the first round and progressed to the coding round. However, midway through the test, my dorm room lost power and WiFi. Despite these challenges, I managed to finish the case, although I couldn't meet all the requirements. I clearly explained the situation, and Eduard, showing his awesome support, gave me a second chance. I seized the opportunity and passed the round. After two more interviews, I achieved my goal of moving to Berlin and joining Foundamental.

I Am On The Lookout For

What are you chasing in your life?

I am pursuing financial freedom and better health while continuously evolving in my career. After working as a Software Developer, I am now honing my skills in Photography to become a wedding photographer.

Any favorite readings?

I enjoyed reading The Shoe Dog, the story of Nike. I like biographies and books about company/startup life.

What is your favorite quote or mantra that can be applied in a business context?

If we fail, we fail searching for greatness.

Cool. Now give a second quote or mantra you like in a business context.

Smallest of implementations are worth more than the grandest of intentions.

What is your secret ninja-skill?

My secret ninja skill is quickly connecting and communicating well with anyone I meet.

In what ways do you feel inferior to some people you look up to?

I respect their level of expertise and experience, recognizing that everyone is on their own path, and there's no need to feel inferior. While I admire them, I am focused on carving my own path.

What is one person in the world you would like to have dinner with?

My mother.

What can you nerd out over for hours with the right discussion partner?

Space, Anime & Conspiracy theories.

When someone who knows you in your business life very well were to describe you, what adjectives would they use for you?

Hardworking, dedicated, passionate.

Is there something you would never mind spending a lot of money on ?


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